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A Study of the Finer Points of Dressage Horse Riding.


Aimed principally at intermediate and advancer riders, this manual offers assistance for the long road to success in dressage.

There are no shortcuts offered, but a systematic approach built on tried principles of training through the ages.

Tractability; suppling and collecting; turns and curves; circles and voltes; the turn on the forehand and leg-yielding; the half-pirouette in walk; shoulder-in and counter shoulder-in; travers and renvers; counter-canter; simple changes and flying changes at canter; canter pirouette; the rein back and the schaukel; piaffe and passage; lunging; the school horse.


This title discusses the underlying principles of both classical equitation and the judging process itself. The author explains how the judge's equestrian knowledge must be combined with the highest standards of analytical thought and integrity to produce fair, unbiased and consistent marking, which produces the correct result and offers clear guidance to the competitors.

The book then analyses the component elements of dressage tests, explains what judges are looking for, and why, and offers clear concise guidance as to how riders can perform the movements correctly in order to achieve high marks. In addition to discussing all the key movements up to Grand Prix level, the author provides a thoughtful analysis of the intricacies of riding and judging freestyle to music tests. The second part of the book catalogues the history of Olympic dressage. Following an essay on the origins of dressage as an Olympic sport, there is a year-by-year record of the development of key rules and changes to the tests.

All the actual tests ridden are reproduced and full results of all competitions are provided. Dressage:

A Guideline for Riders and Judges offers a book for judges and aspiring judges of all levels and should be useful for all riders who want to discover exactly what judges are looking for and how to achieve it. It should also provide interesting reading for everyone with an interest in the historical development of competition dressage. Wolfgang Niggli is one of the most eminent figures in international dressage. Formerly a successful competitor in all the major disciplines, he has been an international dressage judge since 1964 and has judged at numerous major events, including three Olympic Games. For many years, Niggli has worked to improve the consistency and standards of dressage judging.


The Art of Classical Riding with dressage horses .

Score More for DressageScore More for Dressage

How can you improve your dressage score - and why is it worth doing dressage anyway? In Score More for Dressage , Wendy Jago shows how approaching dressage as a spiral of ongoing learning can: develop your dressage horse's athletic ability; help him remain active and physically fit; take you naturally up the levels of competition; and make for a more enjoyable partnership together. It's not only how you school that matters; it's how you ride all the time, the quality of the communication you have with your horse - and how you think and feel about it.

Wendy draws on her experience as a coach and judge to offer practical strategies that can help every rider and every horse. Score More for Dressage features case studies of horse and rider partnerships that Wendy has worked with over the course of a year, revealing a significant improvement in their scores - and how they achieved it.

The Art of Schooling for DressageThe Art of Schooling for Dressage

This is the follow-up title to Sylvia Stanier's two best-selling titles "The Art of Lungeing" and "The Art of Long Reining. "

This book is very much rider-oriented and contains instructions on where to sit in the saddle, and how the rider should use his or her legs, reins, and body weight to achieve the required results.

The author also includes comments on the effect of the weather on training and very clear descriptions of the various lateral movements. An integral part of Sylvia Stanier's teaching is that the rider must be shown how to work so that the dressage horse complies willingly with the rider's wishes.

101 Dressage Tips101 Dressage Tips

Balance, impulsion, responsiveness - these hallmarks of a well schooled horse are the goals of dressage, a French word for training.

Although a dressage education is often done with an eye toward preparing horse and rider for competition, this systematic approach also serves to improve virtually every dressage horse , regardless of discipline or potential.

101 Dressage Tips offers suggestions for achieving this goal, together with ways to recognize and solve basic and advanced horse and rider problems encountered along the way.

With advice on selecting a dressage horse , stable, and trainer, buying tack and other equipment, taking lessons and clinics, and preparing for and taking part in dressage competitions, 101 Dressage Tips provides practical and encouraging advice for riders at all levels.

Henriquet On DressageHenriquet On Dressage

First published in France as Gymnase et Dressage, Henriquet on Dressage is a textbook on equitation that is set upon a framework of training three young horses from their initial breaking in up to the execution of classical airs at the age of nine.

The different characteristics of each dressage horse act as aide memoires, prompting the author to draw upon his vast and broad-based equestrian experience, thereby highlighting the value of particular aspects of communication and technique. One aspect of the author's background, which adds depth and authority to his work, is his comprehensive understanding of various strands of equestrian thought. This long-time disciple and friend of the late Nuno Oliveira does not subscribe to one school of equestrian tradition only. Instead, he distils and applies that which is most useful from the legacies of La Gueriniere, as handed down through Steinbrecht, and of Baucher, as expounded by Faverot de Kerbrech and, in the most subtle manner, by Oliveira himself.

The training described in Henriquet on Dressage is carried out in distinct, progressive stages, which the author calls 'the time to understand, the time to learn, the time to do' and 'the time to perfect'. These designations highlight clearly the fact that it is the horse's increasing levels of mental and physical development, rather than the calendar, which dictate progress towards the rassembler - that advanced level of true collection which lies at the heart of all truly classical work.

Henriquet on Dressage is a book that will satisfy and inform all who seek guidance on working in the true classical tradition, where patience, a desire to educate and artistic endeavour remain timeless virtues.

The Allen Illustrated Encyclopaedia Of DressageThe Allen Illustrated Encyclopaedia Of Dressage

This is the first comprehensive international encyclopaedia of the dressage world, from club to international level.

This long-awaited encyclopaedia covers dressage terminology, gaits and movements, equipment, major events, associations and establishments, eminent riders and dressage horses , trainers and judges, writers and important publications.

Authoritative, engaging, and illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings throughout, this handsome book should be on every dressage lover's bookshelf.

The USDF Guide to DressageThe USDF Guide to Dressage

Once the domain of the equestrian elite, dressage (originating from the French word for training ) is now the most popular equestrian discipline in the United States. Fuelled in part by its visibility as an Olympic event, dressage participation levels have reached an all-time high.

This centuries-old practice of classical horsemanship, using time-tested and humane methods, is a slow process that requires patience and discipline, but is beneficial to every horse, regardless of breed. The goal of achieving seamless communication and dance-like precision with the horse appeals to riders of all levels, disciplines, and ages. In this book, the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), whose membership has doubled in the past 20 years, demystifies basic dressage techniques for riders of all disciplines.

Assuming no prior knowledge of the sport, The USDF Guide to Dressage leads riders through a full course of exercises, from simple to more complex, with easy-to-follow photographic sequences, all presented in full-colour and demonstrated by outstanding dressage instructors.

This authoritative guide also includes the dramatic and colourful history of dressage, an overview of proper terminology and equipment, as well as information on competition, cross-training for other disciplines, management of the dressage horse , cross-training for achieving rider fitness, and more.


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