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Dressage Tips And Training SolutionsDressage Tips And Training Solutions

Three top German trainers join forces and provide a problem-solving training manual for dressage riders with dressage horses from novice to Grand Prix level.

The German training principles, including the establishment of losgelassenheit (looseness), durchlassigkeit (submission and responsiveness) and schwung (impulsion and swing), are emphasized throughout, giving some insight into why and how Germany produces so many world-beating horses.

This book about horses covers the main elements of the horse's education - from early schooling on the lunge through to Grand Prix movements - stressing, throughout, the need for sympathetic management of the horse both during work and when at liberty. It includes a chapter on jumping, with gymnastic grid exercises to supple the dressage horse. It also discusses rider psychology and how to acquire the right attitude to training and competing.

Training techniques are presented in an accessible problems and tips format, identifying training difficulties and offering solutions. The work may be used as a quick reference, to be dipped into at leisure or as the need arises.

A Young Person's Guide To DressageA Young Person's Guide To Dressage

Drawing on a wealth of experience gained from teaching as well as competing, Jane Kidd offers fresh solutions and advice to newcomers, novices and the more experienced competitior in the dressage arena.

Riding A Dressage TestRiding A Dressage Test

Riding a Dressage Test demystifies the requirements for dressage competition at preliminary, novice and elementary levels.

The international dressage judge, David Trott, explains in an easy-to-understand way exactly what the judge expects to see in the different movements of the tests.

In addition, an example of each test movement is given, with comprehensive guidelines for riding the movements correctly.

This book, together with its stable companion, Preparing for a Dressage Test, is essential reading for both trainers and riders and will help competitors to maximize their test-riding potential.

Down To Earth DressageDown To Earth Dressage

For riders at all levels, Carl Hester and Bernadette Faurie aim to make dressage training accessible with step-by-step guides for improving the horse's paces, riding dressage movements, and competing.

Essentially this book is about every rider making the most of his or her potential and, in the process, producing a horse that is more pleasing to ride and more athletic in its body.

The book offers advice on training all types of horse and in everyday language, explains how to set about improving the dressage horse's paces and suppleness, whilst keeping him happy and enthusiastic in his work. It describes how to ride dressage movements, from simple circles to flying changes, and pointing out common mistakes and how to correct them.

Carl Hester is seen, in over more than 100 specially shot photographs, schooling his horses at home, bringing on youngsters and fine-tuning the more experienced animals.

The Beginning Dressage BookThe Beginning Dressage Book

A handbook on training your horse in dressage on your own and in your own backyard facility.

Visions of DressageVisions of Dressage

Visions of Dressage completes Elizabeth Furth's widely-acclaimed trilogy of photographic tributes to the horse in sport.

Embracing both the challenging discipline of international competitive dressage and the classical art so magnificently preserved in Europe's most prestigious centers such as The Cadre Noir and The Spanish Riding School, the stunning images in this book capture the elegance and precision as well as the beauty and atmosphere of the world of dressage.

The commentary by riders, trainers and judges gives the work added dimension and, together with the magnificent photography, will ensure the book pride of place on very dressage enthusiast's bookcase.Elizabeth Furth looks at the world of dressage from its origins as a classical art to its most modern presentation in the international competition arenas of the world. The ability to capture mood and fine detail, plus the sheer brilliance of her action photographs confirm her as one of the world's leading equestrian photographers.

Preparing For A Dressage TestPreparing For A Dressage Test

Preparing for a Dressage Test explains what a judge expects to see in dressage competition and how to work towards it.

The international dressage judge, David Trott, shares his knowledge and explains the principles behind the movements required for the Preliminary, Novice and Elementary tests.

This book provides invaluable information for both trainers and riders and, together with its stable companion Riding a Dressage Test, will help to put riders on the right track for competition success.

Exploring Dressage TechniquesExploring Dressage Techniques

This long-awaited sequel to Riding towards the Light is an absorbing biomechanical and philosophical treatise on riding and training dressage horses.

Using state-of-the-art findings, it debunks many commonly held dressage myths; it also explores the artistic heritage and antique techniques of classical riding which have stood the test of time.

Each chapter offers fascinating discussion on a different aspect of riding/training, with many thought-provoking ideas for today's riders. Chapters include: A fog of walks; The hovering trot; Rockin' and rollin' in the passage; The piaffe; Lateral work - in search of the mother load; Deep work; Confucius and the canter pirouette; Resistance and ethics; The myths of the outside rein; and, Riding as a meditation. Basing his theories on a study of biomechanics and rare historic literature, the author begins to point a way through some of the contradictory and confusing tenets that exist in the world of dressage today.

In Exploring Dressage Technique , Paul Belasik offers some refreshing new ideas and revives a few forgotten ones. This book will be welcomed by thinking riders everywhere, by those involved in the sport of dressage, and above all, by those who care deeply about horses.

Dressage Principles IlluminatedDressage Principles Illuminated

Charles de Kunffy's belief that riding must have a therapeutic, life-and-health promoting value for the dressage horse as well as the rider is his inspiration. With great lucidity, he explains the rationale for training the horse and the methodology for doing it correctly.

Great emphasis is placed on the importance of suppleness and collection, which leads to athletic development. He categorically defends the classical tradition of horsemanship, which is grounded in pragmatic scientific facts of equestrian scholarship, and he supports the Baroque ideology that nature can be elevated to art through intelligent application. The author is much sought after as a lecturer and a riding teacher because of his cogent and passionate way of imparting information about a subject he knows so well: the education of riders and the training of horses.

He represents that rare combination of scholastic depth, practice-born expertise, and impeccable communication abilities, all of which allow for an effortless transfer of his knowledge.

Dressage with KyraDressage with Kyra

Kyra Kyrklund, one of the world's most talented dressage riders, explains the unique system of training dressage horses that has brought her repeated success.


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