Dressuurpaarden te koop Dressage horses for sale



aalstreep - dorsal band, eel stripe, spinal stripe; a stripe down the top of the back
aambeeld - anvil; a heavy iron block with a flat surface upon which a horseshoe is formed.
aan de hulpen - on the aids, responsive; the horse responds instantly and generously to all the aids accepting the contact and maintaining connection.
aankoopkeuring - pre-purchase exam
aanleuning - acceptance of the bridle
aarden wal - bank
achter de loodlijn - behind the vertical; the head position in which the horse's nostril falls behind the imaginary line dropped from the horse's eye [i.e., toward the chest]. Not the same as 'Behind the bit'.
achter de teugel - behind the bit, behind the aids, behind the legs; an evasion in which the horse reacts or shrinks back from the bit/contact, avoiding stepping into the contact. The head may or may not be behind the vertical. Accurate visual diagnosis of this condition is usually not possible; often it can only be verified by the rider.
achterhand - hindquarters
achterhand activeren - [to] engage the hindquarters
achter[hand] voor - quarters leading; said of a horse whose quarters lead the forehand in lateral movement when performing a half-pass.
achter[hand] zwaait uit - quarters falling out; said of a horse who moves with the forehand in the correct position of the line, but whose quarters have left that line, falling to the outside of the required track.
achterknie - stifle; the joint at the end of the thigh corresponding to the human knee.
achterwaarts [gaan] - rein back; walk in reverse, asked for and controlled by the rider.
A-C lijn [middellijn] - centre line
afkauwen van het bit - [to] champ the bit
afkomst - origin
africhten - [to] train, [to] school
afstammeling - offspring, descendant
afstamming - pedigree
afstijgen - [to] dismount
aftekeningen - markings
afwerpen van een hindernis - [to] knock down
afzadelen - [to] unsaddle
amazone - lady rider, equestrienne horsewoman
Anglo-Arabier - Anglo-Arab
appelschimmel - dappled grey
appuyeren - [to] half-pass
arbeidsdraf - working trot
ataxie - ataxia, wobbles, wobbler disease, wobbler syndrome; loss of coordination of the muscles, especially of the extremeties and broad posture, characterised by wandering or broad staggering movements.

B - preliminary level, training level
bakstuk [van hoofdstel] - cheeck piece
balans - balance
balbetrappen - [to] overreach; a term used to describe the action of the hind foot over-extending and striking the fore foot on the heel, coronary band, fetlock or flexor tendon.
balk - pole
bandage - bandage; a leg wrapping used to provide support or protection against injury to the horse's lower leg.
bandageren - [to] bandage
barrage - jump-off
basculeren - [to] basculate
beenderen - bones
beenhulpen - leg aids
behang - feather, hairy heel
bekappen - [to] trim the feet
bekken - pelvis
beroepsruiter - professional [rider]
beslaan - [to] shoe
beschot - wall
bevruchten - [to] inseminate
bezem - broom
biest - colostrum
bijzetteugel - side-rein, check rein
bilkoorden - leg straps
binnenmanege - indoor arena
binnenteugel - inner rein
bit - bridle, bit
[het] bit aannemen - [to] accept the bit; said of a horse who holds the bit confidently in his mouth and responds to the contact and influence of the rider's hand's on the reins without resistance or hesitation.
bitringen - port
bles - stripe; a facial marking on a horse that is a thin line of white hair running from the forehead to the muzzle.
bloedlijn, bloedvoering - bloodline
bodemnauw - base narrow; said of a horse when the distance between the centre lines of the hooves on the ground is greater than the distance between the centre line of the limbs at their origin in the chest when viewed form the front.
bodemwijd - base wide; said of a horse when the distance between the centre lines of the hooves on the ground is less than the distance between the centre line of the limbs at their origin in the chest when viewed form the front.
bokbenig [bol in de knie] - buck-kneed, goat knees, over at [in] the knees; a conformation defect, said of a horse whose knees have a forward bend or curve and project too far forward in front of the vertical line of the leg.
bokhoef - contracted foot, club foot; the slope of the front face of hoof exceeds 60 degrees. Horse often has long, upright heels.
bokken - [to] buck
bolle kant [bij scheef paard] - convex side
bolhoed - bowler hat
bol in de knie [bokbenig] - buck-kneed, goat knees, over at [in] the knees
bolspat - bog-spavin
[zadel]boom - cantle
borst - chest
borstkas - thorax
borstel - brush
bouw - conformation
brandmerk - brand
brede bles - blaze
brok[ken] - pellets
bruin - bay
buiging - bend; flexion of the horse's neck or of his entire body from poll to tail.
buigpees - flexor tendon
buigproef - flex test, flexion test; a test that a veterinarian performs to diagnose lameness.
buik - belly
buitenteugel - outer rein
bustrens - egg-butt snaffle

caballos [Spaans] - horses
caballos en venta [Spaans]
- horses for sale
cadans - cadence, expression; the quality of the horse's pace demonstrating rhythm, impulsion and elasticity..
[veiligheids]cap - [safety] helmet; a lightweight protective headgear fitted with anti-concussive pads and a chin strap worn to reduce or prevent head injuries.
castreren - [to] geld, [to] castrate
cavalli [Italiaans] - horses
cavalli a vendere [Italiaans]
- horses for sale
- cavaletti
changement - flying change
cheval de dressage [Frans] - horses for dressage
chevaux de dressage [Frans] - dressage horses
chevaux de dressage à vendre [Frans] - dressage horses for sale
chevaux à vendre [Frans] - horses for sale
competitie paard - competition horse
competitie paarden - competition horses
competitie paarden te koop - competition horses for sale
- contact; link between the aids of the rider and the horse's body, specifically between the horse's mouth and the rider's hands. This link must be smooth, soft and light.
contragalop - counter canter, canter counter-lead, false canter
cornage - whistling, roaring

damespaard - lady's mount, light-weight horse
dampigheid - broken wind, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD]
dasspeld - stock pin
deelnemer - competitor
deinende rug - swinging back; the alternating rhythmic contraction and stretching of the long back muscles, first on one side, then the other, which give springiness and elasticity to the horse's movements, and allows the thrust from the hind legs to 'come through the back'.
deken - blanket, rug
dekhengst - breeding stallion, stud
derde ooglid - third eyelid, nictitating membrane; a thin sheath of tissue underlying the upper and lower eyelids.
dierenarts - vet, veterinarian, veterinary [surgeon]
doorzitten [in draf] - sitting trot; to ride the trot without rising from the saddle.
drachtig - in foal
drachtigheidsperiode - period of gestation
draf - trot; a natural two-beat gait in which the diagonal pair of legs, such as the right fore and the left hind, leave the ground simultaneously followed by a moment of suspension where the feet do not touch the ground and then the simultaneous strike of left for and right hind.
draver - trotter
dressur [Duits] - dressage
dressur pferde [Duits] - dressage horses
dressurpferde [Duits] - dressage horses
dressuur - dressage
dressuurpaard - dressage horse
dressuur paard
- dressage horse
dressuur paarden
- dressage horses
dressuurpaarden [dressuur paarden]
- dressage horses, dressagehorses
dressuurpaarden te koop - dressage horses for sale
- dressage stable
- dressage stables
dressuurzadel - dressage saddle
driesprong - treble
[aan]drijven - [to] drive; to push a ridden horse forward into the bit using the influence of seat and back.
drinkbak - water-bowl
droes - strangles
droog beenwerk - lean quality of the legs
drukplek - sore
d-trens - dee-ring snaffle, dee-cheeck snaffle
dubbelsprong - combination

eenvoudige galopwisseling - simple change [of leg], simple lead change; a movement in which the cantering horse is brought into the walk and, after three to five strides, resumes the canter on the new lead.
elastiekje - rubber band
emmer - bucket
Engelse volbloed - English thoroughbred
enter [jaarling] - yearling; a foal of either sex between one and two years of age.
ereronde - lap of honour
Europa - Europe
Europese paarden - European horses
export paarden - export horses
exterieur - exterior
evenwicht - balance; said of a horse when his weight and the weight of the rider are distributed equally over the foot of each leg.

Franse stand - splay-footed, feet out-turned, toed-out, outbow footed; when viewed from the front, the toes of the horse’s hoof point away from each other.
fokhengst - breeding stallion
fokken - [to] breed
fokker - breeder
fokkerij - breeding
fokmerrie - breeding mare, foaling mare, dam
fokpaard - horse used for breeding
foutloos - clear
foutloos parcours - clear round
frontriem [van hoofdstel] - brow band
[kogel]gallen - windgalls

galop - canter
galopperen - [to] canter
gangen - gaits; a manner of moving, the three natural gaits are walk, trot and canter.
gebruikspaard - general utility horse
gebruiksproef - performance test
gecombineerde neusriem - flash noseband
gedekte merrie - served mare
gehoorzaamheid - obedience
geimporteerde paarden - imported horses
gekanteld hoefbeen
- founder; internal deformity of the foot, resulting from rotation of the coffin bone due to simultaneous detachment from the hoof wall and pull by the deep flexor tendon.
gespitste oren - pricked ears
gerst - barley
gewrichten - joints
gezondheid - soundness, health
Grand Prix - Grand Prix
Grand Prix Special - Grand Prix Special
gras - grass
grasland - meadow
grazen - [to] graze
griffelbeentje - splint bone
groen - unbroken, not ridden
groenvoer - green fodder
groeten - [to] salute
grondbalk - ground line; a pole placed on the ground in front of a fence or jump to help the horse and/or rider judge the take-off point.
guste merrie - empty mare

hackamore - hackamore; a bit-less bridle
hackney - hackney; a breed of horse, popular as a light harness horse.
halfbloed - half-bred, part-bred
halfwitbeen - stocking; a leg marking in horses which is usually white and extends up to or near the knee or hock.
hals - neck
halster - halter, headcollar
halstertouw - lead rope
halve ophouding - half-halt
hanetred - springhalt, stringhalt; a condition where the horse jerks its hind leg up towards its belly with each stride.
hangen in de hand - lean on the bit; said of an off-balance horse who attempts to balance himself by leaning against the bit for support through the reins and the rider's hands.
harde borstel - dandy brush; a stiff bristled brush used to remove dirt from a horse's coat. This brush is used in a flicking motion.
hardheid - hardness
harnachement - tack; a term that loosely refers to all equipment used on a horse [bridle, saddle, halter, etc]
haver - oats
hek - gate
hengst - stallion
hengstenkeuring - stallion inspection
hengstig - in heat, on heat
hengstveulen - colt
hertenhals - ewe-necked; said of a horse's neck when the top line is concave and the lower line is longer, more heavily muscled, and outwardly bulging than the top line.
hindernis - fence, jump, obstacle
hindernisboom - pole
hindernisstandaard - stand, post
hinniken - [to] neigh
hoef - hoof
hoefbal - bulb of heel, heel bulbs; two rounded sections of the horse's foot located on either side of the back of the hoof above the coronary band.
hoefbeen - pedal bone
hoefbevangenheid - laminitis
hoefbevangenheid[chronisch] - founder
hoefgewricht - coffin joint
hoefijzer - shoe, horse shoe
hoefkatrol - navicular, navicular disease
[hoef]nagel - nail
hoefslag - track; the path next to the rail in an arena.
hoefsmid - farrier
hoefverband - foot poultice
hoefverzorging - hoof care
hoefvet - grease for hoofs
hoefwand - hoof wall, horn
hoefzweer - corn
hoek - corner
hoesten - [to] cough
hoevenkrabber - hoofpick
hoge hoed - top-hat
hoge neusriem - cavesson
Holland - Holland
holle kant [bij scheef paard] - concave side
hol in de knie - calf-kneed, hollow knee, back at the knee; a conformation defect in which the horse's forelegs bend slightly back at the knees giving a concave or cupped appearance.
holle wand - seedy toe
hoofdstel - bridle
hoogwitbeen - stocking rising above the knee
hooi - hay
hooiberg - haystack; a conical pile of loose hay or bales stacked outdoors.
hooinet - haynet; large net or bag made of rope or nylon designed to hold a horse's hay.
hooivork - pitch fork
hooizolder - hayloft; an area located above the first floor in a barn or stable, where hay and other items may be stored.
hoorn - horn
hoornscheuren - hoof cracks
hoornwand - horny wall
huid - skin
hulpen - aids
hulpteugels - auxiliary reins; any rein used in conjunction with the normal reins, as when training or schooling a horse, e.g. side reins, or draw reins, etc.

import paarden - import horses
impuls - impulsion; the horse's desire to move forward, fueled by the energy generated by the hindquarters.
inenten, vaccineren - [to] vaccinate
ingesnoerde knie - tied-in knee, knotted knee
inrijden [zadelmak maken] - [to] start a horse, [to] break a horse
inschrijfgeld - entry fee
insemineren - [to] inseminate
instructeur - riding instructor
Intermediaire I, II - Intermediate I, II

jaarlijkse herhalingsenting - yearly booster
jaarling [enter] - yearling; a foal of either sex between one and two years of age.
jachtpaard - hunter
jury - judge

kalkoenen [schroeven, stiften] - studs, pegs
kamer [van zadel] - channel
kantelen [van paardenhoofd] - tilting; tipping or cocking the head [lowering one ear]- an evasion.
kaptoom - lungeing cavesson; headgear with rings around the nose band. Often used to accomodated side reins, lunge line or other gadgets, and worn while a horse is being lunged or worked in hand.
keel[gang] - throat
keelriem - throat latch, throath lash; the narrow strap of the bridle which encircles the head from the crown piece under the throat where it buckles.
keertwending - walk piroutte
kinketting - curb chain
klappen in de ijzers - [to] forge
klaver - clover
klassieke dressuur - classical dressage
klemhoef - sheared heels
klophengst - ridgel, ridgeling
kneuzing - bruise
kniewrong - knee roll
koehakkig - cow-hocked, splay-footed;a conformation abnormality in which the hocks are too close, point toward one another, and the feet are separated at the toe.
koetspaard - coach-horse
kogel[gewricht] - fetlock [joint]
koker - sheath
kol - star; a facial marking on a horse that is a white spot on the forehead.
koliek - colic
koot - pastern
koopvernietigend gebrek - redhibitory defect, unsoundness
kopschuw - head shy; a horse who is afraid of having his head touched, or is afraid of quick movements around his head.
kopstuk [van hoofdstel] - crown piece
korte zijde [van rijbaan] - short side; one of two short ends of a rectangular arena.
koudbloed - cold-blood, cold-blooded horse
kracht - power, strength
kreupel - lame
kreupelheid - lameness
kribbebijten - cribbing, crib-biting
kribbebijter - cribber, crib-biter
kroonrand - coronet; the coronet is the band around the top of the hoof from which the hoof wall grows.
kruis [exterieur] - croup
kruissingels - cross surcingles
kruiwagen - wheel barrow
[houts]krullen - shavings
kudde - herd
kunstmatige bevruchting - artificial insemination
kür op muziek - kür to music, freestyle to music
kussens [van zadel] - panels
kwalificatiewedstrijd - qualifier
KWPN [Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland] - Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook; the Dutch breeding organisation for jumping and dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses

L1, L2 - novice, 1st level
laarzentrekker - bootjack
lange zijde - long side; one of two long sides of a rectangular arena.
ledematen - limbs
leer, leder - leather
leerpaard - schoolmaster; an experienced and well-trained horse whose ability generally exceeds that of the rider.
leerling - pupil
legger - capped elbow
lendenen - loins
lepel [van een zadel] - cantle; the protuberant afterpart or rear bow of the saddle located behind and above the seat.
lichaamsbouw - constitution, horse's conformation
lichtrijden - rising trot; the rider lets himself lift up, rising above the saddle with one of the diagonals of the horse, while staying in balance.
lijnzaad - linseed
[zout]liksteen - salt block, salt lick
longe - lunge
longeersingel - surcingle; a strap made of nylon or leather which is attached around the horse's girth and is most often used for long-reining and lunging or to attach side-reins while working in-hand.
longeerzweep - lunging whip, long whip
longeren - [to] lunge
loopband - tredmill
losrijring - practice arena
losse wand [van hoef] - seedy toe, hollow wall
luchtzuigen - [to] suck wind
luzerne - lucerne

M1, M2 - elementary, 2nd level
maanblindheid - moonblindness, equine recurrent uveitis
maanoog - wall eye; an eye with a partial or total lack of pigment in the iris. It is pink or blue-white in appearance.
maantop - forelock
manege - riding school
manegebodem - arena footing; the surface material used in an arena.
manegepaard - school horse; any calm, obedient horse with correct basic training used by a trainer or riding school as a mount for new or inexperienced riders in training.
manen - mane
manenkam - crest
manentrekken - to pull the mane
martingaal - running martingale
meetstok - measuring stick
mennen - driving
merrie - mare
merrieveulen - filly
mest - manure
mestballen - droppings
mesten - [to] muck out
mesthoop - muck heap
mestvork - fork
middelste straalgroeve - median groove, centre groove
middellijn [A-C lijn] - centre line
midden[stap, draf, galop] - medium [walk, trot, canter]; a pace between collected and extended, with moderate lengthening of the outline and relative upward thrust than in extension.
moeder [bij afstammingsgegevens] - dam
mok - mud fever
muur - wall

nageeflijkheid - throughness; the supple, elastic, unblocked, connected state of the horse's musculature which permits an unrestricted flow of energy through the horse, especially from the hindquarters forward.
[hoef]nagel - nail
nageven - [to] give
Nederland - The Netherlands
Nederlands - Dutch
neerkomen - [to] land
nek - poll; joint between head and neck, behind the horse's ears where the headstall is placed. Flexed when the horse is on the bit, it theoretically is the highest point of the neck. In fact, the angle and height depend on the build of the horse.
neus - nose
neusgaten - nostrils

O-benige stand - sickle-shaped, bow-kneed
omgooien van een hindernis - [to] knock over
omheind [gras]veld - paddock
omheinen - [to] fence
onafhankelijke zit - balanced, independent seat; said of a rider havinga secure, upright posture independent of the reins who thus does not interfere with the movements or equilibrium of the horse.
onderhals - ewe neck, upside-down neck; the horse has a poorly muscled topline with noticeable dip in front of withers. The muscles of the bottom curve of the neck are bulging and developed, while the top curve of the neck slopes in a downward curve, as opposed to a straight or upward curve.
onderlegtrens - bridoon
ongebroken trens - straight snaffle; a snaffle having a single-piece, straight-bar mouthpiece.
onregelmatig - irregular; impure, unlevel, or uneven. Can be momentary or pervasive, and may or may not be due to unsoundness. Does not mean unsteady in tempo.
ontwormen - to [de]worm
ontwormingsmiddel - wormer
oogkleppen - blinkers, blinders, blinds.
op de voorhand - on the forehand; longitudinally poor balance; the horse places too much weight on the forelegs for the task at hand.
ophaaltrens - gag
opstijgen - [to] mount
op twee benen springen - magpie, magpie hop; said of a horse when his hind feet come down together as in the canter piroutte and flying changes.
opvullen [van zadel] - [to] flock, [to] reflock, [to] stuff
opzadelen - [to] saddle
overbouwd - overbuilt, too high at croup
over de buitenschouder wegvallen - shoulder falling out; said of a horse when his outside shoulder falls to the outside of the intended line of a turn or circle.
over de teugel - above the bit, over the bit; said of a horse who evades correct bit contact and full control by carrying his head too high and bringing his nose significantly in front of the vertical.
overgang - transition; change of gait or change of cadence and/or amplitude within one gait
overkruiste galop - cross canter, disunited canter; the horse canters on one lead in front and on the other lead behind.
overstappen - overtrack, over-step, overstride; said of a horse whose movement is straight and whose hindfeet overlap the impressions of the forefeet.
oxer - oxer; a fence or jump with a wide spread, often made from placing two jumps back-to-back. The front rail can be lower than the back rail [an ascending oxer], or the front rail can be the same height as the back rail [a parallel].

paard - horse
paarden voor de dressuur - horses for dressage
paarden te koop - horses for sale , horses sale , horses sales
paardenman, paardenvrouw
- horseman, horsewoman; someone with great experience and extensive knowledge about horses from breeding to training, who can feel and understand any horse's reaction and establish a quiet and confident relationship with him.
paardrijden - riding, horseback riding, riding on horseback, equitation
paarden boerderij - horses farm
paardenstal - horse stable
paarden stallen - horses stables
paarden uit Europa - horses from europe
paardenveiling - horse auction
pakpaard - pack-horse
parcoursbouwer/ontwerper - course designer
passage - passage
pees - tendon
peesbeschermer - jumping boot
peesontsteking - tendinitis
Pelham bit - Pelham, Pelham bit
pferd [Duits] - horse
pferde verkauf [Duits] - horse sales
pferde kauf [Duits] - buy horses
pferde kaufen [Duits] - buying horses
pferde zu verkaufen [Duits] - selling horses
piaffe - piaffe
piephak - capped hock
pijp[been] - cannon [bone], shank
pijpomvang - cannon's circumference
[galop]piroutte - [canter] piroutte
plastron - stock
pony - pony
potstal - continental bedding
praam - twitch
prijsuitreiking - prize-giving ceremony
prijzengeld - prize money
Prix St Georges - Prix St Georges

quadrille - quadrille; a performance given by a team of 4, 6, 8 or more riders, involving riding an intricate pattern to music.
quarantaine - quarantine; a process used to isolate foreign horses for a short period to ensure that they are not carrying any diseases.

ramshoofd - Roman-nosed, ram-headed
ras - breed, race
rechthoekig - rectangular
rechtrichten - [to] straighten the horse's spine
regelmaat - regularity
regelmatig - regular
rengalop - gallop
renpaard - race-horse
renvers - quarters out, renvers
ribben - ribs
rijbaan - arena, school
rijbroek - breeches, riding pants; breeches usually have suede or leather patches on the insides of the knees for better grip and less slipage while riding.
rij-en tuigpaard - ride-and-drive horse, dual-purpose horse
rijhandschoenen - riding gloves
ringmeester - ringmaster, ring steward; one responsible for oversight of competitive activity in the riding or show ring or arena including assisting, but not advising the judge.
ritme - rhythm; the regularity and evenness of the footfalls and phases of a given gait.
rolsingel - anti-cast roller; a girth or surcingle fit around the girth of a stabled horse to prevent him from rolling over and/or casting.
röntgenfoto's - X-rays
rosborstel - curry comb
rotstraal - thrush; a bacterial infection of the frog, characterized by a black colored, foul-smelling discharge.
rozet [strik] - ribbon
rug - back
ruif - hay rack
ruin - gelding
ruiter - rider, equestrian
ruwvoer - roughage; a term that refers to feeds that are high in fiber and low in digestible nutrients such as hay and straw.

sabelbenig - scimitar-shaped, elbowed or sickled, sickle-hocked, sabre-legged; said of a horse afflicted with excessive angulation of the hock joints
scharen [van stangbit] - shanks
scheef - crooked
scheefheid - crookedness; lack of alignment or straightness of the horse's spine.
scheerapparaat - [horse] clippers
scheren - [to] clip
schiefel - splint
schimmel [kleurig] - grey
schoft - withers; the prominent ridge where the neck and the back join.
schofthoogte, stokmaat - height at withers, stickmeasure [also check our horse size conversion table]
schouderbinnenwaarts - shoulder-in
schouwhengst - teaser; a male horse used to bring a mare into heat or to test the mare's readiness to accept a stallion for breeding.
schroefgaten - stud holes
schroeven [stiften, kalkoenen] - studs, pegs
schuim - foam
schuimen - [to] foam
schuin beschot - sloping wall
schuren van de staart - tail rubbing; said of a horse who persistently rubs the tail dock.
shabrak [sjabrak] - numnah; a saddle-shaped pad cut slightly larger than the saddle, placed between the saddle and the back of the horse to absorb sweat and provide protection. may be made of felt, sheepskin, or cloth-covered foam or rubber.
signalement - official certificate describing a horse
singel - girth
singelgallen - girth galls
singelstoten - billets
slangenvolte - serpentine
slobber - mash
slobberriempje - lip strap, bridle lip strap, curb strap; a narrow leather or nylon strap which holds the curb chain in position and softens the impact of the curb chain on the soft chin groove tissue. Buckles onto the bit shanks.
slofteugel - draw rein, running rein
sloot - water jump, ditch
skelet - skeleton
smalle bles - strip
sneb - snip; a facial marking on a horse that is a white area on the horse's muzzle.
snelheid - speed
snuit - muzzle
sok - sock; a leg marking in horses which is usually white and extends from the hoof up over the fetlock to the lower part of the cannon bone.
spat - bone spavin
spelende hand - vibrating
spenen [mbt het veulen] - [to] wean a foal; the gradual process of separating a foal from its mother.
spieren - muscles
spons - sponge
spoor [bij vetlok] - ergot; a horny growth behind the fetlock joint.
spoorriempje - spur strap
sporen - spurs
sporen [van de beweging] - line gaited; said of a horse who trots with each hind foot following directly in line with its lateral forehoof.
sportpaarden - sporthorses
- sporthorse
sportpferde [Duits] - sporthorses
springen - [to] jump
springpaard - jumper, show jumper
springschoen - bell boot
springtechniek - manner of jumping
springvermogen - jumping ability
springwedstrijd - [show]jumping competition
springzadel - showjumping saddle
spronggewricht - hock
staart - tail
staartbandage - tail bandage, tail wrap
staartdracht - tail carriage; the manner in which the horse carries his tail.
staartwortel - [tail] dock
stal [voor 1 paard] - box, stall
stalgebouw - stable
stalknecht - stable bot, stable lad
stalondeugd, stalgebrek - stable vice
stamboek - studbook
stamboom - pedigree
stang - curb bit; bit with a lever made with a shank with or without a tongue groove. The levers can by of varying lengths and are fitted with a chain called "chin strap".
stang-en trenshoofdstel - double bridle, full bridle
stangteugel - crub rein
stapmolen - [horse] walker
steigeren - [to] rear
steilgekoot - overshot fetlock, pastern too straight
steilsprong - vertical, post and rails, straight; an upright fence or jump with no spread. Verticals are commonly designed from gates, walls, rails or planks.
stemhulpen - voice aids
stiften [schroeven, kalkoenen] - studs, pegs
stijgbeugel - stirrup
stijgbeugelblokje - [stirrup] pad
stoelzit - position near the cantle, in the back of the saddle
stoeterij - stud farm
stokmaat, schofthoogte - height at withers, stickmeasure [also check our horse size conversion table]
straal - frog; the V-shaped, elastic-like portion of the rear underside of the hoof between the bars which acts as a buffer to absorb impact and prevent slipping.
straalbeen - navicular bone
straalgroeven - lateral grooves
strafpunten - penalties
strekpees - extensor
strijken - [to] brush
strijklap - ankle jumping boot, brushing boot
strik [rozet]
- ribbon
stro - straw
strooisel - bedding
struikelen - [to] stumble
suiker - sugar

takt - tact; the rhythmic beat of the horse's foot-falls in all gaits.
tandenknarsen - [to] grind the teeth
tegen de hand - against the bit; said of a horse when he presses his mouth against the bit with an unyielding neck, poll, or jaw.
telgang - lateral gait; a gait in which the horse's feet on the same side make contact with the ground simultaneously, or nearly simultaneously.
telganger - pacer, ambler
temperament - temperament
terreinpaard - hunter, cross-country horse
teugel - rein
teugels opnemen - [to] adjust the reins
teugels verkorten - [to] shorten the reins
teugelvoering - manner of handling reins, ofholding reins
tonglepel, rubber - tongue bit
tonglepel, RVS [metaal] - tongue bit
tong over het bit gooien - [to] put the tongue over the bit
tong uit de mond laten hangen - [to] hang out the tongue
toon [van hoef] - toe
toontreder stand - pigeon-toed, toed-in, crow-footed in front; the toes of one or both of the horse's forefeet are turned towards each other when viewed from the front.
toucheren, licht raken van een hindernis - [to] rap
trailer - horse trailer; a vehicle of transportation for the horse. A horse trailer is towed behind a truck or other vehicle powerful enough to handle the extra weight.
transportbeschermers - travel boots
travers - haunches in, quarters in, travers
trekpaard - cart-horse
trens - snaffle
trensteugel - snaffle rein
tuigpaard - harness horse

US - United States
USA - United States of America
uitbreken - [to] swerve
uithoudingsvermogen - endurance, stamina, staying power
uitgestrekte stap [draf, galop] - extended walk [trot, canter]
uitmesten - [to] muck out

vacht - coat
vader [bij afstammingsgegevens] - sire
vaderpaard - sire
[zich] vangen - [to] overreach; a term used to describe the action of the hind foot over-extending and striking the fore foot on the heel, coronary band, fetlock or flexor tendon.
van hand veranderen - [to] change rein
[zich] vastrollen - [to] cast; when a horse lays down and cannot get back up due to being stuck against the stall wall or fence. Most often, human intervention is needed to pull the horse away from the wall or fence.
veearts - vet, veterinarian, veterinary [surgeon]
veelzijdigheidszadel - all purpose sadlle
vegen - [to] sweep
veilen [van hoeven] - [to] rasp
veiligheidscap - safety helmet; a lightweight protective headgear fitted with anti-concussive pads and a chin strap worn to reduce or prevent head injuries.
veiligheidslepel [bij hindernissen] - safety cup
verkauf pferde - horses to sell
venta de caballos [Spaans] - horse sales
verruiming - extension; stretching and lengthening of the outline and stride and, in trot and canter, an increased phase of suspension. The horse covers as much ground as possible with each stride, but maintains the same tempo.
verzameling - collection; state in which the horse is gathered together. Relative to working and medium paces, the strides are shorter [yet powerful], the outline appears shorter with the neck rising unrestrained out of lifted withers, and the engagement [support phase] is more marked.
verzamelde stap [draf, galop] - collected walk [trot, canter]
verzorgen - [to] groom
verzorger - groom; one responsible for the care of horses.
veterinaire keuring - veterinary inspection, veterinary examination, vet check
vetlok - fetlock; the tuft of hair located externally behind the fetlock joint of both the fore and hind legs.
veulen - foal
vierkant [mbt model] - set four-square
vierkante oxer - square oxer: An oxer in which both jumps are the same height.
vierkant halthouden - square halt; the horse stops and stays straight, the legs steady and aligned, the haunches slightly lowered and the head and neck placed on the bit.
vierspan rijden - four-in-hand driving
vlechten - [to] braid, to plait
vlechtjes - braids, plaits
vliegendeken - fly blanket
vliegenfrontriem - tassles, fly net; a band of strings attached to the bridle browband.
vliegenmasker - fly mask
voedervoorraad - foodstock
voerbak - manger, crib, feeder
voeropslagruimte - feed room
volbloed - throughbred
volte - circle; a perfectly geometric figure of equal bend. The horse's spine must follow its curve smoothly without resisting or twisting.
voltigeren - vaulting; an equestrian sport involving gymnastics done on the back of a moving horse.
voorhand - forehand
vorkzit - [to] ride on the fork
vos [kleurig] - chestnut
voos beenwerk - blurred quality of the legs
paarden vrachtwagen - horse truck, van
vrije stap - walk on a long rein; said of a horse when allowed to walk with the reins long enough to allow a considerable stretching ofthe head andneck, but still with a light contact retained.
vrij springen - jump free, free jump, jump loose; said of a horse who jumps over obstacles in an enclosed arena without a rider, instead being controlled from the ground by voice commands or long lines.
vurig - hot; a term that refers to a horse who is easily excitable, or who has much build up energy.

wagenpaard - carriage-horse
water - water
watertrens - [ring] snaffle; simple bit made out of an articulated piece of metal, maintained by two rings on each end. It has a lifting effect and is used on green horses.
warmbloed paard - improved native horse, warmblood horse
warmbloed paarden
- warmblood horses
- competition arena
weekgekoot - undershot fetlock, coon-footed; said of a horse having a foot in which the pastern slopes more than the dorsal surface of the hoof.
weerstand - resistance; physical opposition by the horse against the rider. Not synonymous with disobedience nor with evasion. Can be momentary or pervasive.
weide - pasture, field
weidegang - turning out to grass
weigering - refusal
wending - turn
werkbandage - exercise bandage, track bandage
wervelkolom - spine
weven - weaving; a vice, the rhythmic swaying of a horse from side to side in which the horse shifts his weight from one foot to the other while nodding or swinging his head and neck back and forth.
wever - weaver; a horse who weaves.
wijken - [to] leg yield
wild vlees - proud flesh
witte lijn [van hoef] - white line
wortelen - carrots
wolfskies - wolf tooth

X-benige stand - knock-kneed, ox-kneed; a conformation abnormality in which a horse's knees deviate towards each other, breaking the vertical line from the shoulder to the hoof.

Z1, Z2, ZZ-licht - medium, 3rd level
ZZ-zwaar, ZZ zwaar - advanced [medium], 4th level
zadel - saddle
zadelboom - tree
zadeldekje - saddle pad; also known as pad. a piece of felt, cotton, wool, sheepskin, or synthetic material placed between the addle and the horse to protect the back of the horse, provide padding, and absorb sweat.
zadelkamer - tack room; any enclosed space where tack, saddlery, and/or accessoiries are kept.
zadelmaker - saddler
zadelmak maken [inrijden] - [to] start a horse, [to] break a horse
zadelpaard - saddle-horse, riding-horse
zadelrug - baddle-back, hollow back, low back, sway-backed, down in the back ; the span of the back dips noticeably in center, forming a concave contour between the withers and croup. Usually causes high head carriage and stiffness through the back. Associated with a long back.
zadelzeep - saddle soap
zelfhouding - self support; is said about a horse who keeps his balance, collection and elevation of the forehand with no direct help from the rider or even when turned out.
zemelen - bran
zigzag appuyement - zigzag half-pass
zijgangen - lateral work, lateral movements, work on two-tracks, side-steps.
zit [van ruiter] - position
zit [van zadel] - seat
zitbeenknobbels - seat bones; bony point of the buttocks, in contact with the saddle when seated.
zomereczeem - sweet itch
zool [van hoef] - sole
zout - salt
zwanenhals - swan neck; the horse has a slender and relatively long neck, with the upper curve arched, yet a dip remains in front of the withers and the muscles bulge on underside.
zwart - black
zweep - whip; a piece of equipment used by people to stimulate a horse to change what it's doing.
zweetblad [van zadel] - flap
zweefmoment - suspension; the moment or phase of the trot or canter in which the horse has no feet on the ground.
zweetmes - sweat scraper
zwilwrat - chestnut, castor; the horny growth on the insides of the horse's legs [in the front, it is above the knee; in the rear, it is below the hock].

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